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How can financial professionals make an essential contribution to Life Sciences?

This complex organizational environment demands highly educated and skilled finance professionals. Finance professional are scarse and it appears that companies are having difficulties with finding and retaining them to the company. At BAS Consultancy, we have the solution for this; the selection of finance professionals, based on the required skills. BAS trains, coaches and develops these finance professionals. We do this in collaboration with their training partner Creating Insights. This way the needs of the Finance professional of the future is met: challenged through interesting temporary assignments and the opportunity to continue to learn and develop structurally. BAS Consultancy serves small and large (international) project organizations, within the Life Sciences sector. Our finance professionals are familiar with standard systems and reporting requirements.


Digitalisation and automation in the financial column

To deal with all of the developments in the Life Sciences sector, digitalisation and automation are crucial for the financial column. As a result, Financial Accounting and Business Control are becoming increasingly intertwined. According to account manager Thomas Peels, financial professionals are increasingly being given the main role in providing insight into management and steering information and the financial column is thus becoming the backbone of organisations in the Life Sciences sector.

Other competencies are required

The efficiency of the financial column in the Life Sciences sector is increasing, but also the complexity. This demands other competencies from financial professionals, who wish to play a role in this dynamic sector, than were required previously, i.e.: flexibility, willingness to change, adaptability, and affinity with systems and IT. Investments in staffing solutions have to be made now to find the right financial professionals for Life Sciences. The capacity that is available at present must be employed as efficiently as possible in view of the shortage.

Continuous innovation has a huge impact also financially.

The pharmaceutical industry and the Life Sciences sector are in the limelight. This is also due to the pandemic that has been holding the world hostage since 2020. Life Sciences contributed to scientists being able to develop various vaccines against COVID-19 in a record time. Apart from the COVID-19 pandemic, Life Sciences is a sector in which many developments are taking place. Topics such as ageing and technological innovations are resulting in exponential growth. All of these developments are resulting in constantly changing financial dynamics.

How to build a dynamic finance team in times of change

Read more about the most important technological trends in finance in 2022 .The opportunities that technology offers for a dynamic finance team. How the visualisation of management information can lead to better informed decisions and how you can build a dynamic finance team with the Cloverleaf Model

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Are you interested in data-driven decision-making?

Whether it concerns companies in the healthcare or life sciences sector, account manager Judith is eager to help clients deal with their challenges by matching them with the right professionals. “Companies in the healthcare and life sciences sector know how crucial adaptability is in a rapidly changing world and that change is not something to be feared; it should be viewed above all as an opportunity. This is why, as an account manager, I become enthusiastic when I meet highly driven professionals who are eager to develop themselves and who are intrinsically motivated to contribute to sustainable solutions. In short, professionals who wish to use their knowledge and expertise to create a better world and who dare to embrace change. Are you interested in finding out what Judith can do for your organisation? Please feel free to contact her.

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